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About Evelyn Designs


At Evelyn Designs we are committed to quality. As such, all of our designs are stitch painted on Zweigart Mono Canvas.
Although stitch painting is more time consuming and expensive to produce, it is incredibly stitcher friendly.
New stitchers should feel confident that our canvases will work for their needs. By extension, we are always looking for stitch painters, so if you know an artist or art student looking for some art related work please contact us 



Message From the Founder

          At Evelyn Designs I believe that fresh, innovative, canvases, are the foundation of lasting heirlooms. I recognize that stitchers invest incredible time, energy and creativity into their projects, and as such, work to provide canvases worthy of such an investment. In keeping with these beliefs, every Evelyn design is one that I have stitched, is in my stitch stash or has been stitched by a loved one. 

         I also am committed to having a positive impact through business. In keeping with this belief, Evelyn Designs will work to empower other entrepreneurs, promote diversity, and beyond. I am excited for the countless ways in which this company can touch the lives of others. 

        Thank you for taking the time to learn what Evelyn Designs is all about and happy stitching!  


Rachel Evelyn