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At Evelyn Designs we hope to foster community and firmly believe in supporting designers, stitchers, local needlepoint shops and creatives. As such, our blog will feature tips, thread recommendations, and really anything that might be interesting or helpful.

By no means are we needlepoint experts, but we love to create and believe that stitching is truly an exercise in self care. As such, we subscribe to the "the more the merrier" approach to needlepoint!

If you have specific questions or blog post requests, please reach out!

Thread Recommendations: DYSLEXIC

Thread Recommendations: DYSLEXIC

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How I Stitched It: A Cost Effective Approach to the Floral Cuff

How I Stitched It: A Cost Effective Approach to the Flora...

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  • How I Stitched It: Diamond Sunglass Strap

    May 04 2021 – Rachel Evelyn

    How I Stitched It: Diamond Sunglass Strap

    The Evelyn Designs sunglass strap / collar is the perfect quick stitch for a loved one or pet. I stitched the canvas as a sunglass strap but will still highlight important information for those who go the collar rout! Before you start stitching, it is important to identify who will do the "finishing." This is because finishing determines amount of stitching that needs to be done (along the length of...

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  • Hudson Bay Chart

    February 25 2021 – Rachel Evelyn

    Hudson Bay Chart

    In our efforts to make needlepoint as accessible as possible, we have made the iconic Hudson Bay pattern available to all stitchers.

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